Sales Support Representative

Rocky River, Ohio, United States


Who We Are

ExchangeBase is located in Rocky River, Ohio. We are a technology-based trading firm that has created a platform to allow Energy companies to exchange ideas, assets, and services. We have two divisions that operate within the Energy industry. Oil & Gas is focused on developing relationships and bringing the best value to our customers by utilizing our comprehensive understanding of assets globally to fulfill all of their sourcing requirements. The second division, Ventures, is an investment company developing a diversified portfolio of investments within the Energy industry.

Our Goal

ExchangeBase’s goal is to provide value to our customers by utilizing three key strengths: Our technology, our process, and our people.

Our Promise

ExchangeBase is committed to knowing our users and building relationships that last. We believe that our customers deserve the utmost service and work diligently to ensure that all expectations are exceeded. We care about our customers coming back, and they know it.

Position Overview

What defines ExchangeBase is our people. Our success is predicated on amplifying the strengths and challenging the weaknesses of our people. We are currently searching for candidates for our Sales Support position. This position offers candidates the opportunity to apply their extensive knowledge and skills in an active, technology-based trading environment. Our continuous growth provides advancement opportunities for candidates with developed leadership traits.

As a Sales Support Representative, you are responsible for executing strategic Initiatives with your Customers. You will build sustainable relationships through open and interactive communication with your Customers and Account Stakeholders. You are to assist in the commercial negotiations and sales wrap-up process. You are to maintain a high commitment to customer service before, during, and after each transaction.

If you are not comfortable interacting via phone or email, and you do not have a steadfast ambition to drive revenue, this position is not for you. Your skills will be constantly challenged in our high-growth and fast-paced work environment.




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